It is neither mantra nor tantra but the inclusive approach has done wonders for patients at TAG-VHS.

A talk with Dr. C.V. Krishnaswamy puts things in the right perspective. “Does any text book of modern medicine have a chapter on Health, per se?” He follows up with the answer, an emphatic ‘no.’ “Anatomy, diseases, etc., but not wellbeing as such. I’d define health as a state in which the person can tackle life with energy and enthusiasm, whatever the ailments he/she may have.”

The septuagenarian, who is in the 48th year of his career, asserts in all humility that modern medicine has its limitations, a fact not many fellow practitioners might concede. “I’m 76 and retired, virtually. My aim is to work for the relief of patients avoiding over-investigation and overtreatment. Never mind if the means does not fall in line with my chosen stream. The end should bring happiness to the sufferer.” Dr. CVK’s search has led him on the innovative path of healing that combines three methods, one of them being Ayurveda.

Dr. CVK is convinced that Ayurveda has the right answers to health issues and cites examples, with video footage.

Part of Veda

“Ayurveda is a part of Atharvana Veda. Precious material on the subject was lost when temples that had inscriptions were destroyed during the Mughal invasion. Paramacharya wanted the translation of whatever was left to reach the common man,” says Dr. CVK, who refers his patients to Dr. Girija. Incidentally, the inside cover of ‘Jeevani’ has a close-up of the inscriptions at the Tirumukkoodal temple in Kanchipuram.

“Diabetes-related conditions, especially neuralgia, respond very well to Dr. Girija’s prescriptions. Modern drugs do not address the excruciating pain when the nerve, the facial one in particular, is affected. Such cases have found happy relief at Sanjeevani. Amputations have been avoided.

“In fact, the patient’s dependence on insulin is minimised and the quality of life improves. I believe in minimal drugging and when I found Ayurveda offering an ideal solution, I grabbed it. Longevity has no meaning when the person is weighed down by drugs and their side effects,” elaborates Dr. CVK, to whom the sastra, however, was not new.

“I was a keen follower of Prof. Viswanatha Sarma, former principal of Venkatramana Ayurveda College, and Dr. Girija’s mentor. When a Cambridge-based physicist told me of the relief Dr. Girija was bringing to people afflicted with multiple sclerosis, my interest was kindled and I decided to tie-up with ‘Sanjeevani.’ The initiative has benefited hundreds of people.”

Dr. CVK’s principle – Innovative Human Healing Sans Barriers and Boundaries – is the bedrock of Tag-VHS Diabetic Research Centre (44-22541921, 1922, a unit of VHS), founded in 2011. Ayurveda, modern medical science, energy-medicine (pulsed electro-magnetic field energy, PEMFE) and metaphysical therapy all come together to cure patients. Comatose state has been reversed, palsy has been cured with patients walking back home to resume their duties. Parkinson’s disease need not spell doom.

Every case is digitally documented at this paperless hospital.

The patient-record systems and all hospital operations, including accounts and finance are preserved in a high-security electronic network. Prof. B.M. Hegde, renowned cardiologist and former vice-chancellor of Manipal University, whom Dr. CVK calls a pioneer, is closely associated with this project.

Dr. CVK singles out Dr. Girija’s passion for Ayurveda as her strength. “She has absolute faith in the science, faith that she will not compromise, and has proved that the holistic healing the sastra offers is the best.”


Energy healing is enshrined in Atharvana Veda and therapist Rajan Iyer administers Dynamic Acupuncture Mediated Metaphysical (DAMM) therapy.

Biomagnetic pulsar is a device that relieves pain and inflammation, encourages cell survival and hastens healing process sans drugs and surgery.

Dr. Krishnaswamy will offer his felicitations at the book release function tomorrow. Dr. P.R. Krishnakumar, Arya Vaidya Pharmacy, Coimbatore, will preside. Sheela Rani Chunkath, Additional Chief Secretary, CMD, THDC, will release the book and hand over the first copy to Dr. Santosh Babu, Commissioner, Indian Medicine and Homeopathy. Dr. Krishnakumar will give the presidential address and honour Prof. K.S. Viswanatha Sarma and Prof. K.V. Seshadrinatha Sastri, former principal, Sanskrit College, Chennai.