With the mercury soaring in the Capital, here are some food, fashion and travelling alternatives for the summer heat that does not look like relenting any time soon

The summers are here, and the Capital is reeling under intense heat. With similar conditions expected to prevail in the coming week, it’s time to gear up to fight against the scorching sun. Here is a list of suggestions that might help in coping with the extreme conditions.

Eating Right

A balanced diet is the best way to save yourself from common summer ailments. A compromise on eating out to decrease spice intake would be a good decision. Eat fruits like watermelon, lemon, grapefruit, oranges, etc. and take light meals throughout the day. Lemon juice or a glass of water with soaked fennel seeds (saunf) in the morning are rejuvenating. Sangeeta Malik, a lifestyle and weight management consultant, says, “One should try and avoid eating non-vegetarian food and if consumed it should be accompanied by substantial intake of salads.” She also recommends buttermilk with cucumber and consumption of vegetables which are high on moisture content, like pumpkin, bottle gourd and apple gourd. Excess consumption of drinks that are high on caffeine and alcohol content might lead to dehydration. Instead, low fat dairy products like skimmed milk and yogurt should be consumed.

Dressing Right

For the vogue vigilante, this summer may be the hardest time to keep up with the trend. But you need not fret. If you have a penchant for vibrant colours that are hard on the eyes in the summer, look for sweat resistant polyester with vivid prints. Fashion designer Sheena Wadhawan’s suggestion for the summer is to “wear pastel colours with light embellishments and designs which have wider backs and are loosely fit to make enough space to breathe.” She also recommends chiffon blouses and dresses for women and linen suits for men as an ingenious way of formal dressing in the summers. Apart from cotton, there are alternative textiles in rage such as cloth made from flax fibre and bamboo fibre, which are not only heat relieving but also quite durable.

Keeping Homes Cool

To ward off the summer heat, popular paint companies are today using paints with additives like Aqua Nanosil, which is a heat resistant component and helps in reflecting solar radiations.

You can also get your roof coated with heat reflective paints. It reflects sunlight and prevents your roof from heating up in peak summer afternoons.

One should prefer coolers over air conditioners to maintain adequate moisture content in your rooms. Along with using air conditioners, using fans can help to cool the room effectively.

Travelling Smart

Commuting in this crowded, colossal city is in itself an arduous task. Tourists should preferably restrict themselves to exploring places close to the metro line so that they are able to refrain from using the auto rickshaws and buses. Adarsh Kumar, who is on his maiden trip to Delhi, says, “I was not familiar with the harsh conditions prevalent in Delhi during the summers, so I was startled by the intense heat and lack of moisture in the atmosphere.” To keep oneself from dehydration, carrying a water bottle is a must. Heat strokes are common for those who are new to the city’s blazing sun and they must ensure to wear a cap or a stole or use an umbrella to cover their heads at all times. Sunglasses to protect the eyes and sunscreens for a sensitive skin are other preventives.

Leisurely Alternatives

In case you prefer being an escapist, you may not need to enclose yourselves in an air-conditioned room engrossed by the television all day. Sensible substitutes which can help you to survive in the heat could be — The Ridge and Jahapannah Forest for morning walks, movie theatres and of course shopping malls. Niket Sagar, a regular jogger at The Ridge, says, “Jogging and doing exercises in such pristine surroundings keeps you fresh and agile throughout the day.”

If all these fail, the smartest choice would be to dash off to the hills, not too far from Delhi!