Diplomats from more than 180 countries reopened on Friday in Bonn global climate change negotiations for the first time since last year's Copenhagen summit, which was widely perceived as a failure.

Top of the agenda is how countries respond to the Copenhagen accord, the non-legally binding deal that was pushed through by a small group of countries in a bitter atmosphere in the last few hours of the U.N. conference. Some 110 countries have now backed the agreements made in the accord.

These include aiming to hold temperature rises to 2{+0}C, transferring $30bn a year in the short term and $100bn a year by 2020 to developing countries for adaptation to climate change; and reaching new global agreements on forests and technology transfer.

Observers said on Friday morning that they detected a new mood to cooperate in the talks, with developing countries determined to find a way through the suspicion, mistrust and national self-interest which hampered the Copenhagen summit.

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