Our political, bureaucratic and corporate elites should read Siddharth Varadarajan's article “From fig leaf to banana republic” (July 1). If the entrepreneurial spirit of our businessmen is crushed because their unethical practices are exposed, so be it. Does our Prime Minister know that it is not only the spirit of our farmer but also his life that stands crushed because of the government's flawed priorities? In his interaction with editors, Manmohan Singh spoke like not the nation's leader but as advocate of the corporates.

C.V. Sukumaran, Palakkad

The major part of Dr. Singh's interaction with a group of editors of his choice was devoted to defending the indefensible. Can he deny that a spate of scams has occurred under his regime? He should have, in fact, thanked the CAG, the media and the judiciary for their role in effectively exposing and pulling up the wrongdoers. One can understand his political compulsions. But the nation would have lauded him had he refused to compromise with his conscience.

T.V. Unnikrishnan, Bangalore

While it is fortunate that the Prime Minister has broken his silence, it is unfortunate that he wants the media to be silent. An effective Opposition is necessary for the proper functioning of a democracy. We have neither a constructive Opposition nor a ruling party that tolerates dissent. Under the circumstances, people are happy that the media are discharging the duties of a responsible Opposition. But for them, the various scams would not have come to light.

N. Krishnaswamy, Coimbatore

People exercised their franchise in an environment of “uncertainty” and voted for the UPA hoping it would deliver, only to find “post facto” that its government not only failed but also turned out to be the most corrupt. They are thus in the same state Dr. Singh claims his government is in. Unfortunately, no respite is in sight for them for the next five years.

A.V. Narayanan, Tiruchi

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