This refers to the letter, “Exemption for disabled” (April 2). I am a person with a disability, a doctor in a government medical college in Delhi. The letter writer says the Chief Commissioner of Disabilities has requested the Election Commission to exempt disabled persons from being deployed for election-related duty. Such a move will only harm the cause of equality. I do not see any reason why the disabled cannot take on additional work which is in the national service. I have raised complaints and filed RTI petitions when electors with disabilities have faced problems in the Delhi elections. There are a number of NGOs in the field of disability working to make the Delhi elections the most accessible ever. Based on our inputs, there is a registration link on the Delhi Election Commission website to help electors with disabilities. There must be concerted efforts to tackle the barriers of attitude.

Satendra Singh,

New Delhi


Exemption for disabled April 2, 2014

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