It is heartening that power sector employees in coastal Andhra and Rayalaseema have called off their strike. Seemandhra people have shown commendable restraint and maturity in exercising their democratic right to protest. Given the delicate state of politics over Telangana and the fragility of the law and order machinery in Andhra Pradesh, it was easy for them to cross the threshold. Let Andhra Pradesh, which was the first to get statehood, also be the first to handle the imminent bifurcation with the sagacity shown by these employees.

R. Narayanan,


The very essence of democracy lies in people’s will. Public opinion in Andhra Pradesh seems to be opposed to bifurcation. The Centre’s decision should be put on hold. Political instability is the last thing the nation wants after an economic crisis.

Arun Goyal,

New Delhi

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