My hearty congratulations for making Allahabad a printing centre for The Hindu.

It has been due for a long time, especially for English newspaper readers who cannot compromise on the intellectual quality of the news. I am sure this step would make The Hindu stand tall amongst its peers.

I am personally delighted because after getting my copy of the paper in the evening for 25 years, now I get it in the morning.

Alok Kumar,


We were surprised to see the same-day Delhi edition of our favourite newspaper in our city. We congratulate and welcome The Hindu to Allahabad.

These days when news has become a business and news organisations are more concerned about circulation, we salute The Hindu for maintaining its high standards.

Rajhans Tiwari,


Thank you The Hindu for making Allahabad one of your printing centres. The paper not only has the most unbiased reporting but also enriches the vocabulary. Once I proposed subscribing the newspaper at our school but nobody was interested because the newspaper we got was a day old. Now I can proudly ask for the same as we get the day's newspaper.

Shabana Khan,


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