Governments should not waste taxpayers’ money by distributing freebies. If a party that wants to come to power is sincere about transforming the lives of the poor, it should promise investment in education, health care, etc., rather than free distribution of consumer goods like colour television sets, laptops, and so on. People should be considered assets of the nation, not vote-fetching machines.

Punugoti Divya, Hyderabad

The Supreme Court should have taken note of the following while considering the case of freebies: freebies are extensively distributed by the ruling party when by-elections are held; Ministers distribute freebies with much fanfare after their party comes to power; on all freebies, the name and a big photo of their leader is displayed. At least such ostentatious displays should be banned so that people know that they get their freebies from the government, not any party.

P. Dhandapani, Madurai

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