By talking about waste management, we are looking at a cure for the disease, not its causes (“Time to put garbage on the table,” May 18). We should ask ourselves why so much waste is generated and from where. The solution lies in our mind and social set-up. We go to the market without a bag and do not mind getting polybags to bring our purchases home. These bags create a huge pile of waste in our homes, colonies, cities and country. We must carry a bag made of cotton or jute which can be used repeatedly.

Rajnish Singh,


While the author is right in pointing out the dismal state of affairs, he has failed to address the fundamental issue of waste generation. The much touted growth story is based on an ugly pillaging of natural resources and an uglier consumption of marketised products. The capitalistic economy and the lifestyle promoted by it ensure that the lives of people still living in harmony with nature become increasingly miserable.

As for the coming generations, life will be acutely unbearable with the kind of waste we are leaving behind. Prevention is not just better than cure; it is the only option.

Firoz Ahmad,


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