The fact that humanity confronts grave danger in the form of global warming does not seem to have moved, or made any impact on, the political world (“Warming worsens hunger problems: U.N.,” April 1). If at all the issue is dealt with by the media, it is sad that its impact is being read only in terms of the economy but not in terms of its real impact on the lives of the people.

It doesn’t make any sense to start thinking of remedies when the problem is already affecting us. Why don’t we start working towards taking precautionary steps? The effect of global warming will be felt the hardest in India, which is a primarily agrarian country. With advances in science and technology, much change can be ushered in. It would have been interesting had there been an analysis of the 63-page chapter on security problems. The chapter says there is “robust evidence” that “human security will be progressively threatened as climate changes.” It says it can destabilise the world in multiple ways by making it harder for people to make a living, increasing mass migration, and making it tougher for countries to exercise proper control over their populations. It is a shock that global warming may be a major factor in making things even more dangerous among nations globally, as fights over resources like water and energy, hunger and extreme weather will all combine to destabilise the world a bit more.

Carani Yamini,


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