This refers to the editorial “A wake up call” (Sept. 17). It would be extremely embarrassing if India, after winning the hard fought battle to host the 19th Commonwealth Games, defaults in the preparation stage. India may not measure up to the standards set by China but if we can come anywhere near, it will be a great achievement.

H.R. Bapu Satyanarayana, Mysore

The tardy progress in the preparations for hosting the Commonwealth Games is just one of the umpteen instances in which internal bickering and faulty process have put the nation’s prestige at stake. One hopes the people at the helm of affairs learn work ethics and cultivate integrity.

Arun Dash, Hyderabad

The authorities concerned will have to speed up preparations for the games. Or else, India will lose its much-coveted reputation in the world of sports.

Punit Mishra, Ghaziabad

With problems like recession, price rise, and drought looming large, do we need to showcase the Commonwealth Games on a grand scale? Our sports infrastructure has not improved and we still have a long way to go to attain international standards. The exercise is a sheer waste of public money.

Anju Easwar, Nadavaramba

The nation is struggling to recover from the impact of a global recession. Austerity measures are being taken to contain the budget deficit. There is scarcity of foodgrains, pulses and cooking oil. Our students in Australia are being attacked. There is trouble on the border. Should we spend money, time and manpower to host the Commonwealth Games now? Let us not stand on false prestige.

A.S. Mahaboob Jan, Chennai

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