Much before Shashi Tharoor tweeted that the identity of the 23-year-old gang rape victim should be revealed, I said on Facebook that the Delhi rape case should be called the Delhi shame case. I also wondered why maintain anonymity. If the bravery of the woman who died for the dignity of womanhood is to be acknowledged, it should be done properly. If some bravery award is conferred on her posthumously, would it be for a rape victim? Her name should be prefixed with Veerangna — the brave fighter. Why should her fight be a cause for shame? Shame is on the criminals or the society that nurtures such crimes. If Anna Hazare or Arvind Kejriwal get respect for fighting corruption, Malala gets respect for resisting religious fundamentalism and demanding the right to education, why should a brave person fighting for the protection of women’s dignity be referred to in anonymous terms? Her village has already decided to name a school after her.

Chaman Lal,

New Delhi

I fully endorse Mr. Tharoor’s views. Section 228A does not serve any purpose in the current scenario. Is it not desirable to reveal the gang rape victim’s identity and honour her by naming the revised anti-rape law after her? She is not just a rape victim, but a martyr.

Madan Menon Thottasseri,


The ill-fated young rape victim has become a cause for the government to amend rape laws and make them tougher. I agree with Mr. Tharoor that her identity should be revealed. A gallantry award can be instituted in her name to honour women who fight sexual abuse.

K.A. Solaman,


In suggesting that the name of the rape victim be disclosed, Mr. Tharoor wants Section 228 A to be amended. The rationale behind the Section is to protect the dignity and honour of the victim. The victim or her parents want not publicity but justice. The Minister’s suggestion that the revised anti-rape law must be named after the young gang rape victim makes little sense.

K.V. Seetharamaiah,


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