The whole country is stunned by the untimely and tragic death of Jaspal Bhatti in a road accident. It is an irony that just a day before the release of his comedy film Power Cut, his life was cut short by fate, plunging his fans in a sea of sorrow. The man on the street will miss him badly. Bhatti presented the common man’s problems in a satirical manner in his popular TV shows, Flop Show and Ulta Pulta.

He was the illustrious son of Chandigarh. He served as an electrical engineer in PSEB and entertained the people of the city through his Nukkar shows to reform society. He will always be remembered as a social reformer who dealt with people’s issues in a light and satirical manner.

Dilbag Rai,


Bhatti’s comedy shows were a treat to watch. His Flop Show became an instant hit among television viewers, making him a big star of the small screen. Laughing at others is one thing but laughing at ourselves is quite another. Bhatti underlined the importance of both in his shows. By making millions laugh, he proved people who thought Indians have no sense of humour wrong.

M. Somasekhar Prasad,


The world of comedy has suffered a big blow with the sad demise of Mr. Bhatti. A true artist at heart, his work centred around the issues of the common man. Using comedy as a medium of satire, he tried to bring a positive change to society.

Tarun Girdhar,


Bhatti’s magnum opus Ulta Pulta was a must-see sitcom in the 1990s. His shows dealt with burning social issues and sent out pointed messages. His character in Ulta Pulta was similar to R.K. Laxman’s common man in more ways than one.

Bichu Muttathara,


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