The objective of the neutrino observatory is to study the atmospheric neutrinos produced by cosmic rays (“A controversy we can do without,” Oct. 8). The project site is in zone-2, which is seismologically the lowest possible zone in India. There is no radioactivity associated with the project.

The attempts to link it to the U.S. is condemnable. It is not proper on the part of a veteran leader like V.S. Achuthanandan to make false allegations. He should not drag the communist strategy of “U.S. interests” in an important project conceived and conceptualised by Indian scientists.

B. Priyanka,


Throwing the spanner in the works of science projects could well undermine the morale of the scientific community. Our country is already witnessing a significant brain drain.

The so-called netas of our country should call a halt to the indiscriminate mining activity if they are champions of environment conservation.

D.K. Balaji,


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