It is sad that 45 precious lives were lost in the fire as a Volvo bus went up in flames after hitting a culvert on the Bangalore-Hyderabad national highway. The regulatory authorities should have a vision and put in place measures to prevent such calamities.

Why are hammers not provided in buses so that passengers can break the windows and get out? Unfortunately in this country, there is no accountability.

K.V.L.N. Sharma,


It is time the transport department made two exits mandatory in Volvo buses and other luxury coaches. I strongly recommend that fire service stations and first aid centres be set up at every 50 km of our national and State highways.

M. Mangalaprathaban,


It is easy to blame Volvo buses themselves for the ghastly accident. But they perhaps have the best safety systems. They are very powerful and need to be handled only after receiving proper training. It is frightening that these buses are mostly driven at very high speed on highways. Every time I travel by a Volvo bus, I feel jittery till I reach the destination not because of the bus itself but the manner in which it is handled.

The Bangalore-Hyderabad highway is one of the best highways with a lot of reflective markers, both on the lane dividers as well as along the central median. With so many operators running Volvo buses throughout the country, it is sad that there is no system in place to make their operation safer.

S. Adishankar,


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