The death of Siripuram Yadagiri, a student who set himself ablaze demanding a separate State of Telangana, is unfortunate. Students are our future leaders and, therefore, there is nothing wrong with their participation in political activities. But they should not ignore their studies in the bargain or resort to violence or suicide. They have better options. With the advent of social networking sites and increasing telecommunications, they can create a bigger impact.

Varad Seshadri,


That Yadagiri chose to end his life for a political cause speaks volumes about the brainwashing youngsters are subjected to by vested interests. It is always the ordinary people, not political leaders or their children, who suffer. Instead of resorting to extreme steps, students should follow the proper course. They should submit their views before the Srikrishna Committee. One hopes better sense will prevail and the issue will be sorted out without any further loss of precious lives.

Viraj Deshpande,

New Delhi

It is unfortunate that politics has entered the precincts of learning, making a mockery of our educational institutions. Frequent cancellation of examinations, and a disturbed atmosphere in and around Osmania University will mar the future of a majority of students, who want to indulge in neither violence nor politics.

S.A.S. Sarma,


It is a pity that students are resorting to suicide for the bifurcation of Andhra Pradesh. Political leaders are solely responsible for this sorry state of affairs. Even some teachers are misleading students. They have coined a new word, settlers, for the people of coastal Andhra who came in lakhs to settle down in Hyderabad. The youngsters of Telangana are made to believe that after bifurcation, the settlers will disappear and all that the opportunities will be made available to them. Students should remember that they are already on the verge of losing an academic year.

M.G. Sankar Rao,


The Telangana agitation has long gone out of hand. It is former students who are behind the turmoil on the Osmania University campus. The claim by political parties that jobs will be available in plenty after a separate State of Telangana is formed is a myth. The judiciary should take a serious note of the restive atmosphere being created in and around the university. All arguments for the formation of a separate State can be presented before the Srikrishna Committee. There should be no parallel activity, threatening law and order in the State.

P.S.S. Murthy,


That the war of the old is being fought by the young is indeed unfortunate. The demand for a separate State reflects the failure of India's federal system. Few States and regions enjoy the fruits of economic reforms. Until uniform growth is achieved, we will be witness to more Telangana-like agitations and fist-pounding by regional parties. What is at stake is not the integrity of Andhra Pradesh alone.

Ishan Nag,


Self-immolation is an anti-social act. It is time people behind such acts were exposed. Whatever the circumstances of the act, those encouraging it by coaxing or brainwashing should be brought to book.

P. Ram Iyer,


At least now, the government should realise that the people of the region have no faith in it. It is important to send strong and reassuring signs that the government is making efforts to resolve the crisis soon.

Venkata Sivaram Bulusu,


That the Telangana agitation is becoming increasingly violent is disturbing. Politicians have succeeded in whipping up the passions of students. All they want is the creation of small fiefdoms where they can wield power.

M.J. Prakadan,


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