It is difficult to digest the extraordinary ruling which will have far-reaching implications. Although it may be argued that the verdict will put a check on consensual sex as one of the partners may want the relationship to be declared a marriage, it will actually pave the way for more instances of consensual sex between unmarried adults as they will have the legal sanction of marriage.

The ruling undermines the institution of marriage. With a view to protecting our long-cherished family values and heritage, it needs to be reviewed.

S. Nallasivan,


A decision made in a specific case cannot be made applicable to all. Societal acceptance of marriage is important in India. Women need protection and security which come with marriage. Walk-in and walk-out relationships do not suit Indians generally, although some may be pursuing them.

Sexual gratification is just one, although major, part of marriage but that alone cannot constitute a marriage.

Vazuthur Raghavan,


Keywords: premarital sex

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