This refers to Pakistan Interior Minister Rehman Malik’s charge that India is supporting the Taliban along the border with Afghanistan. Mr. Malik should know that unlike his country, India does not believe in proxy wars. At another level, one wonders why India cannot take proactive action to destroy the terror outfits in Pakistan and the PoK when Pakistan can take on the Taliban.

Hansraj Bhat,



Someone should remind Mr. Malik of the age-old adage ‘As you sow so shall you reap.’ His charge that Indian agencies are funding the Taliban not only reflects his confused state of mind but also points to the fact that the Pakistani establishment is running out of ideas. It just does not know how to tame the Taliban.

Mr. Malik knows only too well that the Taliban is annoyed over the support Pakistan has lent to the U.S. Successive governments in Islamabad are responsible for the mess in which the people of Pakistan are today.

Ratan Sharga,


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