Many a time accidents are caused not by human error as widely believed but by indiscipline of the line staff managing the signal and monitoring traffic. The train accident at Penukonda should not have taken place at all. Miscommunication between signalling personnel and the driver is not acceptable as a cause of accident in the age of information era and fool-proof electronic monitoring. What happened to the installation of the much-talked about ACD (Anti-Collision Device) across our railway network?

A.V. Narayanan,


The accident at Penukonda has brought to light the inept management of rail traffic. I find it difficult to understand why collisions cannot be avoided. I feel it is just a lack of political will.

If we can give crores of rupees to cricketers, can't we spend a few more crores on making train travel safer? As a society, we lack a sense of priorities.

Pankaj B. Singh,


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