Apropos the article “Ugliness flexes its muscles” (June 27), one would agree that BJP lost an opportunity to provide good governance when it was in power at the Centre and its style of functioning is undemocratic these days. But Harish Khare conveniently forgets the fact that UPA’s functioning is equally undemocratic. Even when given damning evidence of corruption, UPA spokesmen are vehemently defending the indefensible.

A. Ramasubramanian,


Political parties are realigning their agendas ahead of elections. The BJP, once synonymous with Advani, is now epitomised by the “Rambo” image of Narendra Modi, a change that has created turmoil within the party. As for UPA, it is a fact that large chunks of the people are unhappy with family politics. Only the elections will prove whether decisions on both sides were right or wrong.

Arjun R. Shankar,


The kind of aggression shown by Mr. Modi’s cohorts to any kind of dissent is frightening. It is disconcerting to note that the young generation is simply not interested in our time tested values of secularism, plurality and unity in diversity and instead looks upon Mr. Modi as the panacea.

J. Anantha Padmanabhan,


I am outraged at Mr. Khare’s allegation that the middle class resents taxes being used to uplift the poor. In recent times, the government has selectively de-subsidised prices of diesel for public transportation; it has made bicycles dearer; and waived excise duty on branded ready-made garments. Is it not brazen to claim such a government to be pro-poor?

Srikant Sekhar Iyer,


It is time Mr. Khare renamed his column as ‘Stating Craftily’. Even while pooh-poohing the BJP for practising the politics of personality cult, he has surreptitiously endorsed the Congress-style sycophancy in the name of “stability”. When no party is immune to the temptation of lionising a leader, why single out the BJP for criticism?

Viswanath V.,


Mr. Modi’s style of functioning has often been abrasive and combative. He is not shy of overstepping political decorum in targeting opponents. But to demonise him as an imposer of a Stalinist agenda is tilting at the windmills. In his attempt to excoriate Mr. Modi, the author has needlessly denigrated the middle classes and heaped unjustified praise on the UPA and its leader ignoring the fact that the Congress has no mandate to rule on its own.

V.N. Mukundarajan,



Ugliness flexes its musclesJune 27, 2013

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