I am an alumnus of the engineering college whose students met a tragic end in the Beas (June 9). I still remember the excursion to the same place when in the second year of college and those happy 10 days. Such industrial trips are common and students look forward to them.

The incident shows that there has to be a better mechanism to warn people in downstream areas before dam gates are opened. A siren must be sounded. I still do not understand why basic preventive measures are never undertaken.

Chinmaya Reddy Naguri,


In hilly terrain and in small places, it is common not to find signage that warns of lurking dangers. One cannot blame the students; when one is young, one is bound to be adventurous. One wishes that they had not ventured in too deep and were knowledgeable about tackling swift currents. The government must initiate steps to put up signboards and put in place 24x7 modern alarm systems to announce water release. Such campus excursions must be regulated and life guards must be present.

P.S.S. Murthy,



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