The proposal of the Ministry of Women and Child Development to give a certain percentage of a man’s salary to his wife for the domestic work she does for the family is welcome. If enacted and implemented at all levels, the law will be a great boon, especially for women who are married to spendthrifts and drunkards. Those who oppose the bill are male chauvinists or women who have an independent income. Maya John’s recommendation that the state must create jobs for women outside the home (Oct. 1) sounds ideal but it is utopian as our government has limited resources.

I. P. Remya, Ammandivilai

The services rendered by housewives cannot be measured in economic terms. Women are in no way inferior to men. They perform multiple tasks and are better in managing stress and time.

Even the entire salaries of men cannot compensate their wives’ work at home.

P. Renju, Vellamodi

A store keeper may earn about Rs. 5000 a month but a corporate employee earns around Rs. 1 lakh a month. The wives of the two men do almost the same work. There will be income inequalities again. It is not easy to make a law without taking such issues into account.

Surepally Andeep, Nalgonda

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