I am an officer serving in the Indian Army. In 12 years, I have worked everywhere from mountains to deserts. The army officers are known for looking after their men. The Chetwood credo is ingrained in our blood, and the accusation that the officers use their jawans for domestic help is false. The officers lead the men in every activity of their battalion. Our men have immense faith in us. You need to be in the army to understand the bonding.

My sahayak is my buddy; we walk together, play together, I cover him when he is crawling, so does he when I am dashing on the ground. He helps me operate my equipment, cares for me when I am sick and brings me a bottle of homemade pickle when he comes back from leave. Army sahayaks are not comparable to the cooks and orderlies of bureaucrats. My unit is my family. If I have to choose between my family and battalion, it will be my battalion and my men.

Major J. Sherry,


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Sahayak woesApril 1, 2013

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