The last few days have seen a lot of development — from Italy’s refusal to send back the two marines facing trial for killing two fishermen off the Kerala coast; the UPA government’s tough message to Rome; and the Supreme Court’s bar on the Italian ambassador leaving the country. New Delhi should explore all possible means to bring back the perpetrators and ensure justice through tactful diplomacy.

Vishnu Gunneri,


The public outrage over the manner in which the Italian government thumbed its nose at India over the marines issue has prodded the Indian government to consider several tough measures, including cutting off diplomatic relations with Italy. The government seems to have been goaded into action by the Opposition parties’ attack.

But what is surprising is that the government is ever eager to extend an olive branch to Pakistan even when it continues to kill thousands of Indians through terrorist attacks. Its latest act of passing a resolution in its National Assembly questioning Afzal Guru’s execution is an affront to our sovereignty. What stops New Delhi from severing ties with Islamabad?

Subramanian Venkataraman,


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