Thursday’s terror attacks in Pakistan, which claimed 39 lives, are another reminder of the growing threat to the country from terror groups thriving on its soil. It should take effective and urgent steps to dismantle the terror infrastructure once and for all. Even though it has succeeded in the Swat operations against the Taliban militants, it is yet to take decisive action against the other militant groups such as the al-Qaeda, which is the hub of all terror activities in the region.

P. Senthil Saravana Durai,


It is clear that Pakistan is infested with terrorists who can strike any time anywhere with impunity. It is time its rulers came to terms with the fact that the country will not be safe as long as terrorism is allowed to breed on their soil. It is a scourge and no country can afford to grow it on its backyard.

H.P. Murali,


Despite the peace initiatives taken by both India and Pakistan, the threat from across the border remains. In fact, it no longer emanates from Pakistan alone. With the Pakistan Taliban chief, Hakimullah Mehsud, declaring that India would be the next target — once an Islamic state is established in Pakistan — the threat to us has increased manifold.

Islamabad ignored numerous warnings about its evolving into the nerve-centre of terrorism, and is now paying the price.

V.K. Nair,


The successive attacks in Pakistan have shown that terrorists care for no one. They have their own nefarious designs to achieve which they can go to any length. At least now, Pakistan should join the war against terror in the true spirit. It should take concrete steps to bring the perpetrators of the Mumbai attack to justice.

Terrorism knows no boundaries and if Pakistan does not act firmly now, it will have to face several Swat-like situations. If Mehsud is to be believed, the situation is set to go from bad to worse.

Deva Kishan Indiwar,

New Delhi

The multiple terror strikes in Lahore show that Pakistan is unable to overcome the threat emanating from the Taliban. Terrorism in any part of the world is disturbing and deserves to be condemned. New Delhi must view Mehsud’s threat seriously and gear itself to face the situation.

K.S. Thampi,


The local Taliban has put Pakistan in a spot. The nation is now under pressure to prove its existence by shedding the dual role it has played all long and acting decisively against the Taliban. Hakimullah’s threat against India is a diversionary tactic, meant to derive sympathy from the people of Pakistan.

R. Gopimony,


The land of terror is burning in the fire ignited by it. The terror outfits are growing stronger in the Pakistan-Afghanistan region, which is a cause for serious concern. For the terrorists, there is no going back but we have to be stoic enough to save ourselves and our brethren in this hour of crisis.

The leaders of the world should come together to find a sustainable solution. They should endeavour to create an environment of mutual trust and co-operation and help one another in eradicating terrorism and the ideology of terror.

Syed Khaja,

New Delhi

Without heeding the advice of India and the U.S., Pakistan has encouraged and nurtured terrorism on its soil little realising that its act would boomerang on it one day. The recent attacks have caused a lot of damage to its security.

It is strange that some sections within Pakistan are still in denial and are pointing fingers at forces across the border. It is time Pakistan realised the grave threat of terrorism and made all-out efforts to eliminate the Taliban, the al-Qaeda forces and the Punjab-based terror groups.

Ramya Ravindran,


The Lahore terror strike is a warning shot signalling an imminent danger to India. Similar incidents occurred in Pakistan before the Mumbai attack. The gravity of the situation has worsened by claims of India’s involvement in the attacks. The Indian intelligence should be alert and ensure that there are no untoward incidents here.

C. Petson Peter,


It is ironical that Pakistan, which once sponsored terror in India, today faces the same threat from various outfits sponsored by the Taliban. It should join hands with India to fight terrorism, sinking the differences. Otherwise, terrorists may gain further ground by consolidating the various splinter groups.

C.P. Velayudhan Nair,


In view of the desperate statement by the Taliban chief, New Delhi should give a free hand to our security forces to destroy all the known and probable terror outfits sponsored by Pakistan and those backed by the Taliban. It is time it gave up its weak and soft policies, for the sake of the nation’s security.

Hansraj Bhat,


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