It is a welcome relief that the long-running conflict over the administration of the Nataraja Temple at Chidambaram in Tamil Nadu has been resolved. But, the Podhu Dikshitars must not let themselves be lulled into laxity. The verdict presents them with all the more responsibility to ensure efficient administration, carry out temple procedures properly, maintain temple assets prudently — all with perfect accountability.

Vathsala Jayaraman,

ChennaiIn substantiating the Dikshitars’ right to be deemed a sect separate from the common Hindu fold, Dr. Swamy has exposed the hollowness of the Bharatiya Janata Party’s avowed aim of bringing all Hindus under one roof. The verdict shows “Hinduism” is a heterogeneous conglomeration of various faiths of the vast subcontinent. It was a term the colonial rulers used to denote all idolaters other than Muslims and Christians.

Annadurai Jeeva,


This is a landmark judgment which restores an age-old convention to its rightful continuance. For centuries, the ancient temple has been managed by the Podhu Dikshitars in conformity with the agama sastras. They maintained the temple with diligence and discipline and the property has been administered efficienctly.



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