There seems no end to the agitation for a separate state of Telangana. Normal life in many parts of Andhra Pradesh has come to a virtual standstill. It is not just Andhra Pradesh that has been affected. In a nation already plagued by chronic power shortage, the suspension of power generation in the State has created a crisis situation. Rail rokos have affected all those who have booked tickets to various destinations in north India. It is time the Centre took a decision on this long-pending issue before the situation reaches a point of no return.

T.S. Krishnamurthy,


The Telangana agitation has underscored the need to have a re-look at development strategies. Thanks to geo-political reasons and a lack of proper planning and implementation, development is not complete in many parts of the country. The Telangana agitation is the outcome of such neglect. It is unfortunate that our politicians play with people's emotions rather than deal with the issues.

T. Yoganandh,


Today, Telangana wants to separate. Tomorrow another region will want to separate. The result of a separate state will be an enormous increase in the number of Ministers, government officials and middlemen. There will be many more mouths to feed and palms to be greased and lesser hands to work in a smaller state. Since there can be no free lunch for everyone all the time, those engaged in productive work will have to work harder to compensate those who organise and participate in strikes and destruction of property.

Palanki Balakrishna,


This refers to media reports that the Andhra Pradesh government warned private schools of de-recognition if they failed to reopen by Monday. It is not as if schools closed down by choice. It was the unrest in the State that forced them to do so. Did the government do anything to provide protection to schools and security to students? It should have done so before issuing the warning.

Vidyadhar Joshi,


I am a class 12 student. “Wow! We have a holiday tomorrow!” used to be my reaction earlier when a bandh call was given and schools remained closed. But now the sentiment is “Wow! We have school tomorrow.” The word ‘holiday' has been replaced with ‘school,' thanks to our beloved T-leaders. It is not that I do not support their cause. But their agitation should not harm others' day-to-day activities. Local Telangana leaders call up schools and threaten them to close down in a show of support. I do not understand how closing down schools will make a difference to their demand for a separate state. While they have a constitutional right to protest we, the students, have a right to education.

D. Shweta Reddy,


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