The editorial “Take Tamil Nadu out of Lanka policy” (March 11) is timely. Tamil Nadu has been governed by regional parties since 1967. The political rivalry between the DMK and the AIADMK is more personality-oriented than ideological. Both parties want mileage out of all issues, including the Sri Lankan Tamils question. As far as rights violations in Sri Lanka are concerned, the truth needs to be brought out and the guilty punished. But as a neighbour most affected by the LTTE, India must tread cautiously on the issue.

That said, one wonders what the purpose of the Tamil Eelam Supporters Organisation is. The Centre should not give in to the pressure tactics of the DMK, at least while taking diplomatic decisions.

C.R. Ananthanarayanan


DMK leader M. Karunanidhi’s remark that External Affairs Minister Salman Khurshid is siding with the adversary (March 11) is a bit far-fetched. Although human rights violations by Sri Lanka are a matter of concern, India cannot speak on behalf of the Sri Lankan Tamils. It would be interference in the internal affairs of another country. Let us wait till the U.N. Human Rights Council moves the resolution.

Prabhu Raj,


India should urge the Sri Lankan government to settle the long standing demand of Tamils for autonomy in the north and east. It should also support the U.N. sponsored resolution on fixing accountability for the rights violations during the last days of the war with the LTTE. However, it is important to assure Sri Lanka that we have no interest in meddling with its internal affairs.

D.B.N. Murthy,


The Congress’ dithering on pushing through a strongly worded resolution against Sri Lanka exposes its insensitivity to the cause of Tamils. The DMK is on a sticky wicket as its trump card of TESO, formed to overshadow the AIADMK, is yet to earn political dividends. Although the DMK has raised its pitch against the Congress, it is unlikely to rock the boat at the Centre. The AIADMK is using public fury to flog its rivals to clear the ground for 2014. The increasing protests by other political parties in Tamil Nadu signal the growing heat against the Sri Lankan government which the Centre should take serious note of.

C. Chandrasekaran,


The LTTE did not follow any rules of war. It is well known that it indulged in ruthless bombings and killings, condemned by all world leaders. Its use of innocent Tamils as a human shield to escape the final attack by the Sri Lankan military is also well known. Thousands of Balachandrans were recruited by the LTTE and sent to the war front to be killed.

S. Balasubramanian,


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