Crisis-ridden Pakistan cricket's image has taken a severe beating after the Southwark Crown Court found former Test captain Salman Butt and pacer Mohammad Asif guilty of spot-fixing charges (Nov. 2). Never before have cricket players been convicted of attempting to derail the course of a game to potentially profit from gambling. The birthplace of cricket has delivered a judgment which the land of a billion fans could not deliver. Let us hope the game of cricket will emerge clean now.

K.S. Jayatheertha,


Two players have brought disrepute to the game of cricket, which is unfortunate. It is sad that the gentleman's game has been tarnished by un-gentlemanly behaviour.

Sunny Joseph Mala,


The verdict is in the right direction. Cricketers who are dishonest and think nothing of selling the game deserve strict punishment. It is time the net was spread wider and more culprits were caught and punished. Butt and Asif have made a mockery of cricket.

Bhagwan Thadani,


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