After the predictions by exit polls and psephological calculations, the Congress seems to have realised that the tide has turned against it (“Rahul skips PM’s farewell dinner,” May 15.) One read about how senior Ministers had opted out of the electoral race early on and looked for ways to acquire a Rajya Sabha membership. But Congress vice-president Rahul Gandhi skipping the farewell dinner for Dr. Singh was jarring. Mr. Gandhi should have exhibited maturity. Did his having to be “out of town for two days after three months of [a] gruelling campaign” have to coincide with May 14? It is arrogance such as this that has made the Congress bite the dust. Five years on the opposition benches will be a good time to restructure and develop the party. The 130-year-old Congress is being destroyed by insiders.

A. Prabaharan,


Grace and maturity do not seem to exist in Mr. Gandhi’s vocabulary. After the ‘nonsense’ remark, his absence at the dinner seems to be another unbecoming act by the Congress vice-president. This will not go unnoticed and will probably impact Mr. Gandhi.

V. Krishnan,

San Diego, California

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