India’s stand on the U.S. National Security Agency surveillance programme is more shameful than surprising. It has proved that it is a puppet in the hands of the West.

Archana Narayanan,


All countries other than the U.S. have praised Edward Snowden for exposing the espionage activities of America across the globe. But, surprisingly, no country wants to grant him political asylum. It shows that countries fear incurring the wrath of the Big Brother.

A.V. Reddi Sastri,


By refusing to grant Mr. Snowden political asylum, India has given the impression that it can be easily arm-twisted. I feel sorry for the whistleblower.

Mohit Kumar,


What would have happened had India granted asylum to Mr. Snowden? Aren’t we giving asylum to many and calling them refugees? Mr. Snowden has done nothing wrong; even if he has, America’s acts were not above board either.

R. Anand,


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