The violent protest on Wednesday against the entry of Dalits into a temple in Chettipulam, Tamil Nadu, leading to a police lathi-charge is shocking and shameful. Such obscurantist ideology and deeds are the bane of Hinduism. No man with rational thinking can object to the presence of Dalits or others in a place of worship.

Unless all right-thinking citizens make collective efforts to cleanse society of such practices, Hinduism as a religion will wither away.

Anil Kumar Kurup,


We should hang our heads in shame at the discrimination against Dalits in a State that gave birth to illustrious sons such as Subramania Bharti and E.V. Ramasamy Naicker. It is shocking that the protesters could actually obstruct the RDO who was leading the Dalits in the presence of police. Can a few organised thugs defy the authorities?

How audacious of the protesters to formally convey to the Deputy Superintendent of Police that they would stop Dalits from entering the temple!

P.V. Divakaran,


It is unfortunate that discrimination against Dalits continues even after 60 years of independence. The Tamil Nadu government should not hesitate to initiate action against religious bigots and fanatics who oppose the entry of Dalits into Hindu temples. Even god will not forgive those who deny fellow human beings entry into temples.

Nemani Vivekananda Rao,


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