The article, “These are serial killers too!”(April 25), is an eye-opener. TV serials corrupt the minds of the young as well as old people. More often than not they portray extra-marital affairs, debauchery, cheating, girls getting pregnant before marriage and then going for abortion, and other societal problems. Women, especially housewives, get addicted to such serials to the extent of neglecting their family.

S. Sivaramakrishan,


It is undeniable that TV is a companion to home-makers. At the same time, it has insulated us from neighbours. Many thefts and robberies could have been averted had there been a healthy friendship among tenants in flats. Though producers claim that their serials portrayed how good prevails over evil, it is the vices that get registered in the minds of the young. As the visual medium has a strong influence over impressionable minds, serial-makers should desist from producing screenplays that negatively impact on society.

R Sridharan,


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