The photograph of the security forces carrying the body of a woman Maoist killed in an encounter in West Bengal (June 17) reminded one of the manner in which animals were carried after being hunted. The bodies of even enemy soldiers killed in wars are given a humane treatment. Let not the security forces give people more reasons to feel alienated.

Firoz Ahmad,

New Delhi

Let us understand one thing clearly — the security personnel are fighting the enemies within, who jeopardise the lives of innocent civilians on a day-to-day basis. Our security forces risk their lives to protect us. Criticising them from the comfort of our homes is easy. But we must appreciate the inhospitable and extreme conditions in which they operate.

R. Sridhar,


After a military operation, the security personnel clear the site by removing the weapons and accessories strewn around, and the wounded and the dead. They have to do it quickly and carefully because there is a possibility of landmine blasts or militant attacks from hideouts. They hardly have the time to think of the best possible way in which to carry the dead. I am sure once they clear the combat scene, they will put the bodies in coffins.

Manu P. Nair,


Certainly in conflict zones, realities are harsh. But our security forces have been praised for their exemplary behaviour in treating dead Pakistani soldiers and terrorists. Why, in the case of Maoists, do we forget that they are our fellow citizens? And the fight against them is not only at the military level but also at the ideological and moral level.

Saurav Jhalli,

New Delhi

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