The Centre's proposal to make rural service mandatory (May 19) is welcome. But a few issues need to be addressed. Will it pass an order saying people living in villages where doctors are available must go to cities for treatment only after their doctor gives them a reference letter? Besides giving cash incentives and extra marks in post-graduate entrance examinations to rural doctors, the government must ensure that their wards are given preference in private city schools. Only doctors who work in cities are respected. Even in government hospitals situated in rural peripheries, specialists are asked to attend to General Ops, Casualty, and post-mortems. Please remove this stigma before ordering doctors to go to villages.

Dr. D. Elangovan,


The government should evolve a coordinated action plan for the all-round development of rural infrastructure. Priorities should include building roads connecting villages with towns, suitable accommodation for doctors, and well-equipped health centres.

Ranjit Kumar Paul,

New Delhi

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