Congratulations to the RTI fraternity on bringing pressure on the UPA government to withdraw amendments to the Right to Information Act. It is only because of civil society activists and NGOs that the government withdrew them. The move will instil more confidence in RTI users. But it is important to ensure that frivolous requests, which unnecessarily come in the way of entertaining genuine petitions, are not made.

Deepak Sharma,


Everyone thought the RTI Act would help bring transparency to a corrupt administration. Unfortunately, it is turning out to be a weapon to unearth skeletons and settle scores, and nothing beyond. There seems to be no accountability at the helm, with every alleged wrongdoer using political clout to dare the whistleblower. Given the tardy judicial processes and legal loopholes, the accused has the last laugh.

The founding fathers of our nation would have never imagined that democracy would be so blatantly tarnished and abused by the powerful.

Sivamani Vasudevan,


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