That the Forest Department has filed a case against Vikas Dhas, the Maharashtra police officer who shot dead a leopard that held a man in its clutches — as the terrifying picture published on January 10 shows — is shocking. The animal strayed into a busy area in Karad and injured five others before it caught the sixth victim.

In any such encounter between beast and human, I think the life of the human being is more important. The police officer wisely shot the leopard so the man could be rescued. The forest officials would do well to investigate how the leopard came to the human habitation and what steps can be taken to prevent a recurrence of such an incident. It would appear they are trying to cover up their own negligence.

C.G. Rishikesh,


Had Mr. Dhas not arrived in time, the man would have died. Instead of appreciating and rewarding the officer for his timely action, a case has been registered against him which is outrageous.

True, animals should be preserved but definitely not at the cost of a precious human life. Had a forest official been in the clutches of the leopard, would he be thinking about the Wildlife Protection Act?

Gulnar Khan,


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