In 1952, Potti Sriramulu went on a fast demanding a separate State for the Telugu-speaking people. His death and the violence that followed brought pressure on the government to create the first post-Independence State on a linguistic basis — Andhra Pradesh. Now there is a demand for yet another State, to be detached from the same Andhra Pradesh. This time, the reason is not language but lack of development. And we find youngsters ending their lives and political leaders glorifying the suicides.

Unaddressed grievances lead to the creation of sleeping volcanoes. Between 1953 and 2010, the rulers of Andhra Pradesh had ample time to formulate and implement policies that ensured equitable development. But is separation the only way out? Should we, in the name of development, allow our country to be divided further?

K.S. Ammu,


Students participating in the Telangana agitation should not resort to extreme steps out of despair. Many youngsters are being brainwashed by intellectuals, politicians, activists and the like. They should realise that leaders never sacrifice their interests for any cause. Why, then, should the poor and the innocent fall victim? The Srikrishna Committee needs time to do its job. It is for us to create a peaceful atmosphere to enable the committee to examine the issue objectively.

Gaduturi Rama Gopal,


Students being instigated by selfish politicians should pause to think of the agony and sorrow of the near and dear of those who have lost their lives. They should understand that they are extending support to the wrong cause. They are not going to benefit from the agitation in any manner. No politician will help them build a secure future.

Sukumar Talpady,


The death of Siripuram Yadagiri, a student who immolated himself demanding a separate State of Telangana, is most unfortunate. A separate Telangana may become a reality one day but the Yadagiris will not be around to see it.

V. Shujaath Ahmed,


Students are the leaders of tomorrow. Whatever the cause they seek to espouse, it is not expected of them to end their lives. Suicide is no solution to a problem. Nor does it contribute to the cause.

In this regard, teachers must play an important role.

They should guide and inspire students to follow their goal in a steadfast manner to secure their future. They should tell students to concentrate on their studies without getting distracted.

Abdullah Kamal,


Youngsters participating in the agitation should be advised to leave the issue to the elders. The development of Andhra Pradesh as a major software hub has been interrupted by the Telangana agitation. It may take a long time for the State to regain its status. It would be difficult to find a solution that satisfies all sections. Steps should be taken to arrive at a broadly acceptable solution. The agitators should take care to ensure that their programme is not hijacked by anti-social elements and vested interests.

G. Ramachandran,


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