Now that the government has announced that it will amend the Constitution, if necessary, to provide reservation for the Scheduled Castes and the Scheduled Tribes in promotions, I wonder whether quota is the only means to uplift the backward sections. When I was in school, I knew nothing about the caste system. I believed that all are equal. But when I grew up and was trying to secure admission to a college, I found that a friend got admission in a very prestigious institution without much effort.

When I asked him how it became possible, he said “reservation hai yaar, mujhe to aise hi mil jata hai” (thanks to reservation, I get admissions easily). Only then did the reality of the caste system sink in.

Ajit Mishra,


The UPA government is ready to amend the Constitution to provide promotion quota to those who have got a government job on quota. Where is our country headed?

Vinal Gupta,


Reservation in promotions is unjust. It is not only the general category but also efficiency that will suffer. Lawmakers should take decisions in the interest of all.

Faninder Shekhar,


The SCs and the STs have been discriminated against for thousands of years. They must be helped so that they can be brought on a par with the rest of society. But they cannot be allowed to overtake because of their caste. By extending reservation to promotions, we will do a great disservice to the nation.

K.C. Ramudu,


In this time and age when technology is making rapid strides and merit should matter, we are still talking about reservation for certain sections as if what has been done for them over the decades is inadequate.

Prabhu Raj,


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