Rahul Gandhi has lived up to his image of ‘Amul baby' by patting the government on the back for preventing 99 per cent of terror attacks due to vigilance and intelligence and honestly, rather magnanimously, conceding that it would be difficult to prevent every single terrorist attack in the country. Such utterances will hurt the survivors and victims' families more than the tragedy itself. One wonders the basis on which Rahul made the claim.

P. Guruprasad,


What makes Rahul's remark more unfortunate is that it comes at a time when the whole nation is in anguish. Even one per cent intelligence failure (which led to the Mumbai attack on Wednesday, according to the Congress general secretary's reasoning) is enough for terrorists to achieve their goals. Intelligence failure should be viewed seriously as India is a terror target.

B. Prabha,


If the government cannot prevent all terror attacks, who will? The Congress is projecting Rahul as our future Prime Minister but he does not seem to be a mature politician who can handle difficult situations.

Vipin Yadav,


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