One ought to applaud Rahul for thrashing the ordinance, seemingly bypassing protocol and making a mockery of the party line. But what protocol did the Cabinet observe in passing the ordinance? The public at large should feel relieved that there is someone in power willing to call a spade a spade.

Vembar K. Ranganathan, Irvington

The “complete nonsense” comment was a forthright remark, coming from no less a person than number two in the Congress. No one can disagree with Rahul.

It is unfortunate that the elders in the Cabinet, responsible for bringing in the ordinance, could not foresee the ills it would inflict on society.

S. Krishnamoorthy, Chennai

We have got too habituated to reading between the lines. Without playing politics, Rahul simply blurted out what he felt. Why do we fail to appreciate his stand which, incidentally, reflects the views of the masses?

It is a bad ordinance and at least one political leader has the courage to stand up against it.

Anupam Bhargava, Udaipur

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