Priyanka Gandhi Vadra has said that the charges against her husband, Robert Vadra are not only “false” but also aimed at humiliating her family (Apr.23). She must be confident that the people “have conveniently forgotten” all charges of corruption and that such emotional and touching speeches would enable the Congress party to resurrect itself. One thing is certain. All parties depend on the formula of the oblivion of poor and hapless citizens. One is reminded of the popular motto of one of the regional parties of Tamil Nadu: “'Marappom, mannippom (Forget and forgive”).

Meenakshi Pattabiraman,


It is hardly surprising that Ms. Vadra has spoken out in defence of her husband who is facing serious allegations of wrongdoing in land deals. Instead of using clichéd expressions like the Opposition is “trying to malign his image with false charges” or “diverting the issue,” Ms. Vadra would have done well in clarifying the charges against him. This would have enhanced the Gandhi family’s image including that of Mr. Vadra’s besides bringing about a semblance of sincerity to its claims. If the Gandhi family has lost a lot of goodwill, it has only itself to blame.

B. Harish,

New Delhi

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