Sadanand Menon should visualise the impact of music on the human mind (“Zubin Mehta and the unequal music,” Sept. 18). Music is like a mirror. The intention and the end result of music are happiness. Zubin Mehta and his troupe tried to bring happiness to the Kashmir Valley through music. Of course, music is not the magic mantra that can solve all social and political problems. But in the midst of conflicts all around, it can act as an ambassador of peace and sanity.

V. Sriharsha,


That strife torn Kashmir longed for music was evident from the emotional words of Chief Minister Omar Abdullah during Zubin Mehta’s concert. As rightly pointed out by many, music is not the only anodyne for the problems in Kashmir. But it will certainly not bring any harm to Kashmir.

Vasanthakumar Sambasivan,



Zubin Mehta and the unequal musicSeptember 18, 2013

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