Power cut in entire Tamil Nadu, except Chennai, has increased; 12-14 hours of power cut is certainly unacceptable. Chennai suffers only two hours of power cut, because of which people in power and decision-making positions do not experience the seriousness of the problem. Power cuts are the result of neglect of the power sector by successive State governments. It is true that they cannot be eliminated overnight. But the government and power companies can work sincerely towards self-sufficiency. Blaming the previous regime or the Centre will not solve the problem.

In the short term, the government can purchase power from captive power plants, co-gen plants, other States and independent power plants. Solar generation can be encouraged to reduce the impact of power shortage. In the simplest form, every rooftop can have a solar power generator with no cost to government by way of infrastructure, etc. The power generated will be used at the point of generation.

T. Thiagaraja,


Keywords: Power cuts

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