Every tide has its ebb. No doubt, Anna Hazare’s campaign against corruption had a favourable impact on people in the initial stage. They considered him a true Gandhian. But his intimacy with communal forces and the flip-flops in his movement made people drift away from him. They also realised that corruption cannot be eradicated by just enforcing laws or organising fasts. People are disillusioned with politicians. Team Anna’s entry into politics, therefore, will not make much of a difference to them.

M.A. Mohamed Sahul Hameed,


After independence, Mahatma Gandhi wanted the Congress party to become a social organisation. But Gandhian Anna Hazare wants to convert his civil movement into a political party. Team Anna is in disarray.

The upsurge in public sentiment against corruption is slowly dwindling. And corrupt politicians are gleefully watching the developments with a revived hope of winning the 2014 polls.

A. Gajanana,


If good intentions alone were enough, we would be living in a corruption-free society today, thanks to Team Anna. Its members may be eminent in their chosen fields.

However, with their simplistic approach and attitude, they failed in their efforts. Will the political alternative Team Anna talks about exclude the corrupt? Today, we cannot get even small things done without greasing the palms of someone or the other. Corruption is not something new, nor is it confined to the political class. It has permeated all spheres. We are unable to punish the corrupt under the existing laws.

A prerequisite for creating an enabling environment to root out corruption is to create a society conscious of its rights and responsibilities. Besides electoral, judicial and administrative reforms, efforts to break the nexus among the bureaucracy, corporate giants, the political class and some sections of the media will be necessary to make any headway against corruption. It is naïve to think that it can be accomplished easily.

Gnana. Surabhi Mani,


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