This is in response to Garga Chatterjee’s article “A dangerous connivance” (April 6). Although the Kolkata rally of Islamic groups, in support of the perpetrators of genocide in East Pakistan, is highly unfortunate, it is the least surprising. Who were the promoters of the genocide in East Pakistan? Urdu imperialists. The same group forms the overwhelming majority among Muslims in Kolkata and its suburbs. It is only natural for its members to speak in favour of the killers. As far as the political parties are concerned, it was the Left Front that gave in to pressure in 2007 and banished Taslima Nasreen from the State. It is indeed a disgrace to see the secular land of Rabindranath Tagore and Kazi Nazrul Islam being systematically allowed to be taken over by communal forces for garnering political mileage.

Kajal Chatterjee,


While the International Crimes Tribunal in Bangladesh is still struggling to meet the international standards to prosecute for crimes committed 40 years ago, Garga Chatterjee has hastily framed charges against the Muslim groups that took part in the Kolkata rally. Blaming them just because they exercised their right to freedom of expression speaks of a narrow sense of judgment.

Abdul Hannan Md.,


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