Corruption can be tackled by existing mechanisms (“Lokpal is no magic bullet,” June 13). The investigation agencies we already have are competent enough and can deliver the goods provided there are structural changes. The danger of a Lokpal is that it can act as another power-centre which can determine policy-making and act as a virtual legislature. It will undermine the basic structure of democracy.

Keetha Anvesh,


The awakening of people as reflected in the election results shows that a government at the Centre can no longer ignore transparency, accountability and openness. A common man may not understand what a Lokpal is but he does understand that it is a platform/institution to curb corruption. A more citizen-centric administration, more power to constitutional watchdogs and a limited role for the government will curb corruption.

Rajesh Khuntia,


When we have a CVC and the CBI, let us look at attempts to strengthen them. The CBI in particular has not been allowed to function to its full potential. The BJP shows signs of being serious about curbing graft and must be given a chance to put its ideas to work. Let us hope that the new government is efficient and will be able to follow the example of New Zealand, the least corrupt country.

V. Nanda Kishore,


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