The culture of impunity with which the U.S has nourished itself has come to a critical stage where it can unilaterally decide when and where its next theatre of war is played out to the aggrandisement of its global policeman tag (editorial, Aug. 26). The rest of the world will be left to scavenge the spoils or spend their diplomatic voices on empty protest. As the game moves on to newer pastures, let’s hope the international community will have the spine to stop this vicious cycle.

Nithish T. Jacob,


Attacking Syria is a bad idea. America’s record in upholding human rights is low and it is the main force behind the rise of tensions and international terrorism today. Its contemplating illegal, aerial strikes on Syria is in blatant violation of international law and against the sovereignty of Syria. The people of Syria know what is best for their country. The U.S. must eschew uncalled for global policing.

Nirmala P. Rao,


Conflicts in Syria are primarily concerned with age-old ethnic violence.

Though many countries are waging proxy wars in Syria, a couple of bombshells from the U.S. can never be the panacea. India needs to make its stand clear. Only the Syrians can sort out their problems. Playing Big Brother is suicidal.

Aditya Radhakrishnan,


Syrian citizens should wake up to the reality of America’s doublespeak and its selfish intentions to make an Iraq out of Syria — by sapping its resources, and then leaving it in a worse condition than it was by pitting the people against their own so that the country is not able to progress in the years to come.

Sanchi Singh,

New Delhi

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