I think it is not just the police who are prejudiced and responsible for contributing to the false image of Muslims across the nation (“Profiles of prejudice,” April 11). Most media and entertainment television channels are equally to blame.

I recall an incident that took place after the Dilsukh Nagar blast. I was waiting in a queue at a police check-post. The police thoroughly checked and interrogated two men who wore kurta pajamas and caps, and sported long beards. But they let me off, perhaps because I didn’t qualify to be a terror suspect as I wore nothing that the two men ahead of me were wearing.

Syed Khaleeq,


It is not fair to blame the entire police department for the acts of a few. It is equally unfair to link the acts of terrorism with Islam or any other religion because terrorists have no religion. The security forces should understand that they are entrusted with the job of protecting lives.

S.M. Wasiullah,


Why blame the police? There is tremendous public pressure on our political leaders to act against terror, which translates into pressure on top brass. This, in turn, translates into pressure on investigating officers.

While the issues raised by the author are a loud cry for the much-needed police reforms, she would do well to remember that it is our police that prevent our country from descending into violent chaos from terrorist strikes. The article seems to suggest that the police are always wrong.

Akash K. Sajith,


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