The article “Modi, the man and the message” (April 4) by Harish Khare was biased. The writer seems apprehensive of Narendra Modi’s growing popularity. Whenever there is a discussion on Mr. Modi, the Gujarat riots are mentioned as if there is nothing else to say about him.

What we need today is a strong leader like Indira Gandhi who can take bold decisions. As rightly pointed out by a letter writer (April 5), we need a dose of benevolent despotism. Articles against Mr. Modi will only add to his popularity.

G. Muthu Venkataraman,


Mr. Modi’s inclusion in the BJP parliamentary board, along with his confidant Amit Shah, is a clear indication of the party’s endorsement of the Gujarat Chief Minister as a possible prime ministerial candidate. But nothing much has been done to give justice to the victims of the 2002 riots, which happened under Mr. Modi’s watch. This is something the BJP leadership will have to answer. The exposition of Gujarat as a model State for development is not enough for Mr. Modi to be projected as the leader. With the embers of the Gujarat riots still alive, I think Mr. Modi’s endorsement will send a putrid signal about the future of secularism in India.

R. Sri Harsha,



Modi, the man and the messageApril 4, 2013

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